• Grenadilla wood body
  • Platinum-plated keys and posts


  • Conservatory system
  • Lowest note: Bb
  • F key for left hand
  • Eb key for left and right hand
  • Ab key for left and right hand
  • 3rd octave key
  • Forked F vent
  • Bb vent
  • Articulated B-C# mechanism
  • Gillet key
  • Philadelphia system
  • Split right D key
  • Ab-Bb key
  • D-C# trill keys
  • Cork pads on all keys with the exception of leather pads on the low Bb, B and C keys.

Fossati’s Innovations

  • Double tenon ring
  • Adjustment for low Bb
  • Left hand adjustment mechanisms positioned above keys for more precise control


  • Long F# plate 


  • Professional leather case with cover
  • Thumb rest wrench
  • Swab
  • Reed case


  • Abs upper joint
  • Violet and cocobola wood bodies are available as a special order at an additional cost.​

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Fossati Model MB

Retail Price $8,955

The Fossati MB oboe was developed with Michel Bénet (soloist of the Orchestra of Paris). His musical and visual aesthetic guided the striking design of the oboe’s finial. This model is very direct and responds to the slightest change in your air and inflection. This quality is due to the unique design of the upper joint.