The Tiery J10 oboe is a streamlined tool, allowing steady progress in both technique and musicality without the necessity of upgrading instruments. The bore of the J10 was conceived and fabricated to create the least amount of resistance at the start of a note. Its easy response, tone color and stable tuning make it the choice of many Professors as an excellent student instrument.


  • Grenadilla Wood Body
  • Silver Plated Keys
  • Tenons reinforced with double metal rings
  • Cork pads (with the exception of leather pads on low C, low B, low Bb and the Bb resonance key)


  • Simplified conservatory system (without Gillet key, double-D ring or Bb-Ab trill)
  • Lengthened F# plateau 
  • Dedicated adjustment for the low Bb
  • Left F key
  • Left Eb key
  • Left Ab key
  • 3rd octave key
  • Fork F resonance key
  • Low Bb resonance key
  • B-C# adjustment
  • Upper joint C#-D trill 


  • ABS Resin Upper Joint (no additional charge)

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J10 Retail Price $3,650

Tiery J10

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